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Uniquely positioned to drive healthcare transformation through education, American Sentinel enables professionals to enhance their current skills with advanced critical thinking and in-depth knowledge of the healthcare industry. We cater to students that need flexibility, support and innovative learning techniques. Students chose us because our accredited programs meet their needs; they stay because of our support and their experience. We invite you to learn more!

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Thinking about earning your degree online? Can your life or work experience count as credit? Wondering what an online class is like? Join our Online Open House for answers to many of your questions about distance learning.

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Recent Articles

How Mobile Health Can Empower Your Patients
Would you believe that a text message or a smartphone app could help your patients to better manage a chronic illness, or even stay out of the emergency room? Well, the rapid rise of mHealth is promising to do just that.
The Challenge of Putting Software in Charge of Everything
Think planning, writing, debugging, and maintaining software can be tricky today? Just wait, as it's going to get a lot worse. When you're obtaining an online computer science degree, there have been some long-standing assumptions. One used to be that things would stay still, more or less, and people were your users. You can't bet on any of that anymore.
Should We Ban Handshakes in Healthcare?
The handshake: It’s an important social convention that can convey a greeting, respect, sportsmanship, reconciliation, congratulations, or agreement on a transaction. It’s essential to making a strong first impression. It creates an instant opportunity to forge an interpersonal connection. And according to a recent JAMA article, it’s a vector for spreading pathogens in the healthcare setting.
Bring Risk Management to Healthcare Organizations
Risk management is standard management concern in most industries. Executives follow a portfolio of risks to a company and try to minimize the problems and potential costs. Healthcare has begun to apply the concept in some novel ways that anyone with a MBA healthcare degree will find important.

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