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Uniquely positioned to drive healthcare transformation through education, American Sentinel enables professionals to enhance their current skills with advanced critical thinking and in-depth knowledge of the healthcare industry. We cater to students that need flexibility, support and innovative learning techniques. Students chose us because our accredited programs meet their needs; they stay because of our support and their experience. We invite you to learn more!

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Thinking about earning your degree online? Can your life or work experience count as credit? Wondering what an online class is like? Join our Online Open House for answers to many of your questions about distance learning.

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Recent Articles

Terminal Degree Programs: What is the Difference Between the DNP and Ph.D.?
Occasionally there is still confusion about the difference in doctoral-level nursing degrees. The two most common terminal degrees in nursing today are the DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice) and the Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy). These doctoral programs fall into two distinct categories: research-focused and practice-focused.
Facing the Brave New World of Security Threats
You don't have to have an information management degree to know that computer security is a big issue these days. All you need to is look at the news. Here are three examples from August alone.
Smart Healthcare Management Can Improve Patient Care
When people enter an MBA in healthcare program, it is usually with the assumption that they will eventually help provider organizations become fiscally stronger through improving strategy and operations. What they may not realize is that they can have a deep influence on patient treatment and outcomes, as Gallup consultant Chris Groscurth points out.
Robots and AI Are on the March — Literally
Artificial intelligence and robotics have long been subjects for those pursuing a computer science degree. Software would learn and make smart choices. Robots of all shapes and sizes would do specified tasks.

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