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Uniquely positioned to drive healthcare transformation through education, American Sentinel enables professionals to enhance their current skills with advanced critical thinking and in-depth knowledge of the healthcare industry. We cater to students that need flexibility, support and innovative learning techniques. Students chose us because our accredited programs meet their needs; they stay because of our support and their experience. We invite you to learn more!

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Thinking about earning your degree online? Can your life or work experience count as credit? Wondering what an online class is like? Join our Online Open House for answers to many of your questions about distance learning.

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Recent Articles

Careers: Forensic Nursing
If you’re addicted to TV shows like CSI, Bones, and Cold Case Files, you may want to consider the possibility of a career in forensic nursing, one of the newest areas to be recognized as a nursing specialty by the ANA.
Business Intelligence And The New Frontier Of Big Data
BI has been a deep subject for three decades, which is why it is possible to attain a masters in business intelligence. There is much to learn in such a well-developed and widely used technology. And yet, for all its time on the corporate scene, BI has had some deep shortcomings.
Clinical Simulation Labs: The Future of Nursing Education
If you remember practicing your subcutaneous injection technique on an orange, you’re no stranger to the practice of simulation in nursing education. Today, simulation is more mainstream than ever, driven by trends like a shortage of nurse educators and patient confidentiality concerns at hospital-based clinical training sites.
Computers Can Identify Human Risks Before They Happen
In the world of heavy industry, preventative maintenance is a must. Ignore a milling machine or truck engine for too long and problems that could have been easily corrected turn into more expensive breakdowns.

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