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Uniquely positioned to drive healthcare transformation through education, American Sentinel enables professionals to enhance their current skills with advanced critical thinking and in-depth knowledge of the healthcare industry. We cater to students that need flexibility, support and innovative learning techniques. Students chose us because our accredited programs meet their needs; they stay because of our support and their experience. We invite you to learn more!

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Thinking about earning your degree online? Can your life or work experience count as credit? Wondering what an online class is like? Join our Online Open House for answers to many of your questions about distance learning.

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Recent Articles

Improving the Nurse-Physician Relationship
The discussion has been going on since the early days of modern medicine: How exactly should doctors and nurses interact, and how can we improve the relationship between them?
How to Avoid Job Application Test Scams
Having to look for a job can be discouraging enough. Finding that someone has scammed you brings the experience to a new low. There are those who would prey upon people with an information systems degree. Not though the work-at-home email phishing schemes, but more directly by convincing people to undertake unpaid work.
Managers Need to Join the Real-time Healthcare Revolution
There is nothing new to the thought that someone with an MBA in health administration should be comfortable with the idea of analyzing and using data. If healthcare is to become more efficient and cost-effective, executives must make use of all modern management tools, including software analysis of basic business metrics.
Why It Makes Sense to Earn an MSN Degree ONLINE
An MSN degree can help you expand both your career opportunities and earning power. If you’d like to move into management, an MSN is quickly becoming the minimum education you’ll need to earn that promotion. And if you’d like to specialize in a field like case management, informatics, or infection control, an MSN degree can provide you with the specialized knowledge that employers are seeking.

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