Arkansas: General Education Curriculum

Learning Outcomes

American Sentinel’s general education curriculum focuses on competencies needed to enhance the lives of our students and on the critical skills needed to achieve each program’s goals.

English 6
Fine Arts/ Humanities 9
Social Sciences 9
Math 3
Science (Students must complete or transfer in 8 credit hours, including 2 credit hours of lab) 8
Total General Education Requirements 35
GENERAL EDUCATION (41 credit hours)
OR100 Orientation 0
English (choose 6 credit hours)
ENG110 English Composition I 3
ENG210 English Composition II 3
COM215 Public Speaking 3
Fine Arts / Humanities (choose 9 credit hours)
HIS125 Western Civilization I 3
HIS225 Western Civilization II 3
PHI215 Philosophy of Religions 3
PHI320 Computer Ethics 3
Behavioral and Social Sciences (choose 9 credit hours)
GEO200 Global Geography 3
POLS101 American Government (required)
SOC220 Globalization 3
SOC250 Technology and Society 3
Mathematics (choose 3 credit hours)
MA101 College Mathematics 3
MA120 College Algebra 3
MA201 Discrete Mathematics 3
MA215 Statistics (required for RN to BSN/MSN) 3
Science (8 credit hours, must include 2 credit hours of lab)
BIO130 Introduction to of Biology 3
BIO130L Introduction to Biology Lab 1
CHEM101 General Chemistry I 3
CHEM101L General Chemistry Lab 1