Webinar Recording: Careers in IT with Lt. Col. Paul Capicik

On Tuesday December 15th Lt. Col. Paul Capicik led an informative and engaging webinar on careers in the field of information technology.  If you are interested in potentially pursuing a career in information technology, we encourage you to listen to the webinar.  In it Lt. Col. Capicik covers topics including:

  • possible career paths
  • career progression and advancement
  • what it takes to succeed in IT

To download the webinar please visit: http://www.americansentinel.edu/About_Us/Careers_in_IT_webinar.php

About Lt. Col Paul Capicik

Prior to joining American Sentinel University, Lt. Col. Paul Capicik spent over 26 years in the U.S. Air Force and another 12 years directing a wide variety of IT-related projects as the CIO of a private sector company. His rewarding career in IT has motivated him to share his experiences and advice with those who can benefit from his guidance.

Lt. Col. Capicik’s “Careers in IT” articles series for American Sentinel University details many of the topics to be discussed in the webinar. Participants are encouraged to read the entirety of the article series under the “Careers in IT” category on this blog.

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