GIS Career Webinar:Top 5 Skills You Need to be Successful in a GIS Career

On Tues., Sept. 27, Dr. Joseph Kerski, education manager for Esri, and Dr. Devon Cancilla, dean, business and technology for American Sentinel University discussed the “Top 5 Skills You Need to be Successful in a GIS Career.”  If you were unable to attend the webinar, or would like to view it again, you can watch it here.

Joseph Kerski is a geographer by training who believes that spatial analysis with GIS technology can transform education and society through better decision-making using the geographic perspective.

“Because this is a topic that has been covered by dozens of articles in GIS journals and magazines over the past 20 years, I aim to do something different that stems from my educational work with the GIS community over that time,” says Dr. Kerski.

In his presentation, he touches on how GIS is changing, how and why to be a part of this ever-evolving career field, and why these skills will be even more important as the “geospatial revolution” continues to have a growing impact on our society.

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