Dr. Judy Burckhardt’s Top 10 Best Things About Being a Nurse

Dr. Judy Burckhardt, Dean of Nursing and Healthcare Programs for American Sentinel University breaks down her favorite aspects of being a nurse for Nurses Week 2016.

Top 10 Best Things About Being a Nurse

  1. There are always open positions for nurses.
  2. One day at work is never like the previous day so you are never bored.  
  3. You can see the results of your care as your patients improve and go home.
  4. You are able to help people in need in the most unusual situations (e.g., you are chaperoning a teenage fun night and one of the boys falls and fractures his arm, you splint it and send him to the ED).
  5. Hearing your parents brag to their friends that you are a nurse.
  6. You have a variety of areas and positions in which you can work.
  7. You have opportunities to interact with people who are in need of physical and emotional support.
  8. You are an agent of change for your patients, your family and your community.
  9. When people ask you what you do and you tell them you are a nurse, they look at you with newfound respect.
  10. The way that some patients and their families love, thank, and invite you into their lives.

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