Dr. Karen Whitham’s Top 10 Tips for Balancing School and Family

Dr. Karen Whitham, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Nursing Programs at American Sentinel shares her top ten tips for balancing school and family.

Top 10 Tips for Balancing School and Family

  1. Be positive: see the opportunity and not the obstacle
  2. Take care of yourself: eat well, sleep well, and exercise
  3. Perfection? Let it go!: be okay with simply doing your best
  4. Plan, plan, plan: use a calendar to keep track of important family, work, and school obligations
  5. Just say NO: add “no” to your vocabulary – it’s okay to not be everything for everyone
  6. Have a social life: keep family and friends close, they can be so helpful and supportive during your educational journey
  7. Enjoy your downtime: when you do have downtime, enjoy it – don’t worry about the work that is in the future
  8. Make time for family: your family can be your biggest advocate and will enjoy the process with you, but they have to be at the top of your list
  9. Set goals: mark your graduation date on your calendar, and set small goals (so as not to become overwhelmed); all these small goals add up to big achievements
  10. Reward yourself: when you finish a course or a particularly difficult assignment, congratulate yourself with a special reward. 

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