American Sentinel University’s Top 10 Reasons We LOVE Nurses

For Nurses Week 2016, American Sentinel University employees shared their top 10 reasons why we love nurses! 

Top 10 Reasons We LOVE Nurses

  1. “We love nurses because they are the solution to our healthcare woes.” – Dr. Richard Oliver, Founder and CEO
  2. “We love nurses because they know exactly what we mean when we say we care about our students because of the way they care for their patients.” – Mary Adams, President
  3. “I love nurses because of their passion for helping others.” – Jonathan Rendon, Manager of Student Success and Retention
  4. “I love nurses because they bring comfort in times of crisis. When you have family who are ill and struggling, the nurses step in to help. You feel so relieved when you see them and it brings such comfort knowing they are so willing and able to help.” – Natalie Nixon, VP of Admissions
  5. “I love nurses because of the exceptional care they provided when my daughter was born.” – Devon Putnam, Director of Student Success and Retention
  6. “I love nurses because some of the most powerful, caring women in my life that have served as my role models, are nurses.” – Helen Timothy, Manager of Marcomm and Content Marketing
  7. “I love nurses because they never give up on their patients.” – Brian Long, Student Success Advisor
  8. “I love nurses because my mom is a nurse.” Catie Long, Student Success Advisor
  9. “I love nurses because they are some of the most resilient human beings I have ever known. They thrive under pressure and make sure what needs to get done for their patients gets done.” – Jacqui Walters, Student Success Advisor
  10. “I love nurses because they bring hope and compassion to those who are suffering.” – Carolyn Rupp, Senior Student Success Advisor

We are so thankful for nurses and all that they do. What are some of the reasons you love nurses? Share with us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

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