Challenges Healthcare Executives and Managers Will Face in 2017

The pressures on the healthcare industry and changes in the environment are creating what should be an interesting 2017 that will be full of challenges. Here are some of the major ones that will face executives and managers.

Coming Healthcare Trends for 2017 You Need to Know

A new year is coming along with political and social changes. People in healthcare management and leadership need to understand the forces that could shape their opportunities and responsibilities. Here are some of the coming healthcare trends for 2017.

Team American Sentinel: Regan Chorlog

Each Friday we will be introducing you to one player on the American Sentinel University team. Everyone works hard to make sure our students reach their goals through supporting students and constantly improving our curriculum. When our students graduate with a relevant, innovative healthcare degree we all win! Meet Senior Systems Administrator, Regan Chorlog!

Why Employee Diversity is Important for Patients, Not Just Organizations

The more diverse the organization, the more organizations can avoid problems and provide a better dimension of care to all patients.