Florida-Based Flight Medicine Clinical Nurse Fulfills Education Goal with MSN

U.S. Air Force nurse, Edita Dungca goes back to school to earn her MSN, nursing education specialization.

Women May Face the Draft, and They Will Need Education

Women may need more advanced education in order to combat the inequality in pay.

Florida U.S. Army Perioperative Nurse Earns BSN

A New York native and third-generation U.S. military member, Jason Ringlehan first became interested in healthcare when he shattered his ankle while serving in airborne operations for the Special Warfare Center out of Fort Bragg – now he’s an RN earning his BSN with American Sentinel University.

Military Personnel Need to Consider More Education for Their Financial Future

While meeting a felt obligation to their country, personnel can find the fiscal realities of service to be difficult. According to federal government research, there is a strong correlation between education and wealth – going back to school could improve military personnel’s financial future.