The Constitution Comes Alive in D.C. – Capital Appreciation

Dr. Rick Oliver, CEO of American Sentinel University, shares how a recent trip to Washington D.C. brought the Constitution to life.

How Vets Can Prepare for University

The transition from full-time soldier to student can be hard. Here are some tips to help acclimate our vets to student life.

New Developments in Education Support for the Military

For active military and veterans, it’s a wise move to keep informed of new educational developments at the Department of Defense and in Congress. Changes can affect your benefits and resources. Often these are good news, and some recent announcements are no exception.

Ways Vets and Service Members Can Reduce the Cost of Their Education

Getting an education can feel expensive. It’s an investment in your future, certainly — one that must be made early on, with the returns coming over time. Because the early cost is significant, finding ways to mitigate the costs is important.