Computers Can Identify Human Risks Before They Happen

In the world of heavy industry, preventative maintenance is a must. Ignore a milling machine or truck engine for too long and problems that could have been easily corrected turn into more expensive breakdowns.

GIS Is A Plus In Emergency Medical Care

Wherever you see an emergency, chances are there is the need for medical care. That’s just one reason why GIS training is so important in the healthcare industry. Geographic information systems technology and knowledge can help reduce the potential impact of an emergency by helping to foresee and avoid it and also provide important tools for dealing with the aftermath.

What IT Needs To Know About Windows 10

After the inconvenience or debacle that Windows 8 and 8.1 turned out to be for many companies, get ready because here comes Windows 10. Microsoft announced it at the end of September, immediately making it an important topic for anyone in corporate information systems.

Riding The Benefits Of Mobile Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) and mobile have been treated as separate areas of technology and potential strategic advantage for years. But continuing to do so could be a mistake. Mobile is redefining the way people use technology and companies must address those changes.