Doctoral Program

Tuition per credit hour $695
Total number of credit hours 42 (Plus 9 additional MSN credit hours for non-MSN degree holding students enrolling into DNP Executive Leadership Program)
Total tuition $25,020 – $29,190 (depending on the number of transfer credits)
$33,480 (if 9 additional MSN credits required)
Application fee $0
Course extension fee $65
Program switch fee $150
Graduation fee
(payable two weeks prior to graduation)
Graduation Ceremony Attendance Fee $125
Late course registration fee $50
Transcript fee (for each transcript requested) $10 per request
DNP resource fee $300 twice during the program
DNP capstone fees Capstone Project II $1,200, Capstone Project III $1,200
DNP capstone continuation fee The purpose of this fee is to cover expenses for resources and faculty support when a student slows down or discontinues progress on his/her Capstone project. This $350 fee is assessed monthly when a student fails to meet the required perquisite deliverables for Capstone II or Capstone III.
Other costs
Books An estimated cost of textbooks and other learning materials required for the program is $2,500. Students are not required to purchase books and materials directly from the university. Many courses use eBooks and discounts are available from several publishers.
Residency DNP students are required to attend two residencies. Estimated costs for meals and travel for on-site Residency I is $650. Estimate costs for software for virtual Residency II is $50-100.
Costs associated with background checks and malpractice insurance Students enrolling in the DNP program are required to establish a Certified Background account that collects, tracks and monitors the documentation required for the practice experiences you will complete during your nursing program. Fees vary by state, please contact Certified Background and your insurance company for actual costs. Contact
Practicum Workroom A fee of $400 per 8-week term will be charged for students who need to enroll in one or more Practicum Workrooms to complete practice hours because they received transfer credit for one or more MSN or DNP courses that did not contain the required practice hours, or enrolled in the DNP Executive Leadership specialization and did not complete 400 practice hours during their master’s program. This allows students to earn the practice hours required to complete a MSN program (400 hours) or the DNP program (1,000 post baccalaureate hours). This fee is non-refundable once the 8 week term has commenced.