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“American Sentinel is the perfect example of what’s right in distance education. They have teachers known for excellence on a national level, and I can study under them even if we’re on opposite sides of the country. That’s awesome.”

“The bonus is that our instructors recognize each student’s unique potential,” he added. “My long term goal is to keep one foot at the bedside, working on practice improvement, and place the other in the administrative arena. Having the proper education to do both is paramount to success.”

Best Online Programs for Grad Nursing 2014The American Sentinel MSN specialization, case management, prepares students to be professional nurse case managers responsible for the advocacy of improving clinical outcomes. This is accomplished by effectively balancing efficiency, patient satisfaction and the cost of delivery. The program is ideal for nurses who want to start their own case management businesses.

The specialization teaches nurses to deliver personalized services to patients to improve their care. The nursing leadership program focuses on understanding patient referrals, planning and delivery of care, evaluation of patient results, and the evaluation of overall program effectiveness.

CCNE accreditedStudents graduating with American Sentinel’s CCNE-accredited MSN, case management specialization, complete 36 credit hours of course work. Students may be eligible to transfer up to 18 credit hours from previous graduate study.

Relevant Curriculum

The specialization builds upon the standards of the Case Management Society of America core curriculum, with additional emphasis on distance client management using technology. Professors introduce students to the process of life care planning.

Practice Experiences

The nursing programs at American Sentinel University contain practice experiences. This is done to meet the accreditor requirement that RN to BSN, RN to MSN, MSN or DNP programs include practice experiences in the curricula to enable students to achieve the required educational competencies (AACN White Paper, Oct. 2012; DNP Essentials for Doctoral Education for Advanced Nursing Practice, 2006; ACEN 2013 Standards). These practice experiences have specific objectives, expected outcomes and competencies.

Practice experiences are not like the clinical experiences you completed to obtain your degree as a registered nurse. Practice experiences do not involve hands-on patient care. They are designed to provide you with the opportunity to apply the concepts and knowledge you learn in the nursing courses.

See Nursing Practice Experience Guide for more information.

Course Highlights

Our rigorous curriculum covers a breadth of issues in nursing and health care, giving nurses the foundation and skills to expand their practice. Here are a few of the MSN degree program’s key courses:

  • Clinical and Administrative Systems (508PE) provides the foundation of clinical information collection, processing, recording, and use to support decision-making in healthcare environments. Emphasis will be placed on compliance with regulatory standards and safety and quality implement efforts. This course includes practice experience hours.
  • Process of Case Management (N542) examines the nursing process as it relates to quality improvement, patient outcomes and client plan development. Guides students who continue on to take the case management capstone course.
  • Case Management Capstone (N555CPE) is the culminating experience for the M.S. Nursing, case management specialization student. Addresses issues relating to the development and implementation of new case management programs and evaluation of existing case management programs.

View the entire MSN, case management specialization curriculum.

Case Management Specialization Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the MSN program, case management specialization, will be able to:

  • Analyze the role of nurse case management within an interdisciplinary team.
  • Apply case management theories to patient care plan development.
  • Appraise patient care innovations as it applies to life care planning and evaluation of outcomes.
  • Analyze the financial and ethical aspects of case management in various settings.

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