RN to B.S. Nursing - Curriculum

program summaryAs many facilities are working toward 80% BSN by 2020 and the Affordable Care Act is pressuring facilities to place even more emphasis on managing readmissions and costs, a BSN degree is becoming more crucial every day. Our BSN curriculum focuses on the most relevant areas of nursing today: management, community health, strategic planning and more. And students say they can immediately apply what they learn to their careers.

The RN to BSN degree program is based on the Colorado Nursing Articulation Model. Nursing students will be awarded 60 credit hours of the total 120 credit hours for their U.S. RN license and original nursing curriculum, including foundational courses, from an associate degree in nursing or a diploma in nursing. View more information on RN to BSN practice experiences.

Nurses educated outside of the United States will be required to take ENG105 Beginning Writing as their first course.

Students holding a bachelor’s degree in another field will automatically be awarded 30 general education credits hours for the RN to BSN.

American Sentinel has partnered with Sophia Pathways to offer undergraduate general education alternatives making it more convenient to achieve your degree.

REQUIRED MAJOR COURSES (30 credit hours)
BSN405 Reflective Practice, Issues & Trends 3
BSN410 Health Care Delivery and Quality Outcomes 3
BSN415 Nursing Management Strategies 3
BSN421PE Leadership and Strategic Planning 3
BSN422 Nursing Research 3
BSN432PE Community Health 3
BSN436 Developing Nursing Practice 3
BSN437PE Health Assessment 3
BSN440 Case Management 3
BSN499 Capstone Project 3

GENERAL EDUCATION (30 credit hours)
OR100 Orientation 0
Communication Competency (choose 6 credit hours)
COM200 Intercultural Communications 3
COM215 Public Speaking 3
ENG105 Beginning Writing 3
ENG110 English Composition I 3
ENG210 English Composition II 3
Humanities (choose 9 credit hours)
GHIS200 Global History of Nursing 3
GHIS201 History of Global Health 3
HIS125 Western Civilization I 3
HIS225 Western Civilization II 3
HUM200 Nursing: A Critical Voice in Health Care Transformation 3
HUM201 Media and Nursing 3
PHI215 Philosophy of Religions 3
PHI320 Computer Ethics 3
Behavioral and Social Sciences (choose 9 credit hours)
GA200 The Comparative Study of Health Care Systems 3
GEO200 Global Geography 3
NUTRI101 Global Nutrition 3
POLS101 American Government 3
SOC220 Globalization 3
SOC250 Technology and Society 3
Science, Mathematics and Information Technology (6 credit hours required)
BIO130 Introduction to Biology 3
BIO130L Introduction to Biology Lab 3
CHEM101 General Chemistry 3
CHEM101L General Chemistry Lab 3
IS101 Introduction to Computer Science 3
MA101 College Mathematics 3
MA120 College Algebra 3
MA201 Discrete Mathematics 3
MA215 Statistics (required for RN to BSN/MSN students) 3
* Credit hours are equivalent to semester hours