RN to B.S. Nursing/M.S. Nursing - Curriculum

program summaryThe RN to BSN portion of this program is based on the Colorado Nursing Articulation Model. Nursing students will be awarded 60 credit hours for their U.S. RN license and original nursing curriculum, including foundational courses, from an associate degree in nursing or a diploma in nursing. View more information on RN to BSN/MSN practice experiences.

Nurses educated outside of the United States will be required to take ENG105 Beginning Writing as their first course.

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Students residing in the state of Arkansas should refer to their General Education requirements.

BSN405 Reflective Practice, Issues and Trends 3
BSN410 Heath Care Delivery and Quality Outcomes 3
BSN421PE Leadership and Strategic Planning 3
BSN432PE Community Health 3
BSN436 Developing Nursing Practice 3
BSN437PE Health Assessment 3
BSN440 Case Management 3
Core Courses (18 credit hours)
N501PE Advanced Practice Role Development 3
N505PE Theoretical Foundations 3
N515PE Research Design 3
AWARDED BSN DEGREE (30 Nursing Credits)
N521 Advanced Pharmacology 3
N522PE Advanced Physical Assessment 3
N512 Advanced Pathophysiology 3
Nursing Management and Organizational Leadership Specialization (18 credit hours)
N525PE Human Resources Management 3
N530PE Leadership in Health Care Organizations 3
N535PE Health Care Informatics 3
N540PE Health Care Finance and Economics 3
N545PE Health Care Strategic Management and Planning 3
N555PE MSN Capstone 3
Case Management Specialization (18 credit hours)
N508PE Clinical and Administrative Systems 3
N541 Concepts of Case Management 3
N542 Process of Case Management 3
N543PE Case Management and Evidence Based Practice 3
N544PE Introduction to Life Care Planning 3
N555PE MSN Capstone 3
Nursing Education Specialization (18 credit hours)
N531PE Curriculum Design and Learning Outcomes 3
N532PE Teaching to Diverse Learning Styles 3
N533PE Assessment of Learning 3
N534PE Distance Education 3
N537PE Organizational Dynamics of Higher Education 3
N555PE MSN Capstone 3
Nursing Informatics Specialization (18 credit hours)
N508PE Clinical and Administrative Systems 3
N535PE Health Care Informatics
N526 Healthcare Data Analytics 3
N527PE Healthcare Project Management 3
IS555 Information Security and Privacy in Health care Environments 3
N555PE MSN Capstone 3
Infection Prevention and Control Specialization (18 credit hours)
EPI500 Principles of Epidemiology 3
BIO501 Identification of the Infectious Disease Process 3
N570PE Infection Prevention and Control 3
N571PE Design of a Surveillance System 3
N572PE Collection and Interpretation of Surveillance Data 3
N555PE MSN Capstone 3

* Credit hours are equivalent to semester hours