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Quality Nursing Programs

American Sentinel University understands the importance of offering market-relevant, high-quality nursing degree programs.

Relevant Management Programs

American Sentinel’s online healthcare management programs feature market-relevant curriculums and professors with a breadth of real-world experience.

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SIMPath® Degree Programs

SIMPath™ is an exciting new way for you to learn when you want, how you want. Even if the degree is the same, the way you learn, when you study, the experience you bring, and the challenges you overcome, are unique to you.

Sentinel City
Snapshot of Sentinel City®, a digital simulation found in the SIMPath® Program. This is one example of how you can demonstrate learning by navigating through a simulation, making observations, and learning about members of the simulation community instead of writing a paper.

Curriculum with exciting
digital simulations

Real world applications
in a virtual environment

Use your own experiences
to move through the programs

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Why American Sentinel?

American Sentinel University is accelerated, accessible and affordable. Watch the video with our CEO, Dr. Rick Oliver, as he talks about the benefits of attending American Sentinel.

Posted on August 10, 2018

“American Sentinel taught me that I’m an individual, but part of a bigger picture,” she says. “I now ask myself, ‘What can I contribute to nursing that will make the profession better?’ American Sentinel values that and it has helped me shape my path.”

Posted on August 3, 2018

“I believe working toward the DNP gave me the credentials to be an eligible candidate for my new position, but the MSN Nursing Education made all the difference,” she says. “I’m very glad I did the MSN. American Sentinel is great about offering programs that fit into people’s lives. The MSN was challenging, no doubt, but now that I’ve reached this goal, I know that it was all worth it.”


BSN, BSN/MSN, and MSN Open House

Wed., Sep. 12, 2-3 p.m. MDT

DNP Open House

Tues., Sep 11, 2-3 p.m. MDT

* Refers to the monthly payment for the RN to B.S. Nursing program under the UBenefit Payment Plan.  Payment plan terms for other programs may vary. Participants in the UBenefit Payment Plan will graduate with a balance owed to the University, but the UBenefit Payment Plan allows the graduate to pay off the remaining balance in fewer than 36 months. No interest is charged.

** These payment plans are designed to have your balance paid in full by graduation” to include the information: “The in-house payment plans are financed over four or nine months depending on your program of study. The balance of the payment plan must be paid prior to financing additional credit hours.  Students withdrawing from the University prior to graduation may have an unpaid balance that is due to the University.