American Sentinel University has adopted philosophical statements of Mission, Vision, Principles, Values, and Service, as well as a Student Manifesto, in order to make sure that our stakeholders inside and outside the institution maintain a clear picture of what we seek to achieve.

  • The Statement of Mission explains the purpose of our institution is to educate students, and recognizes that the quality of those degrees is of paramount importance to enabling students to excel and advance in their careers.
  • The Statement of Vision identifies the distinctive educational features for which we strive to be known.
  • The Statement of Principles identifies those concepts that we hope to instill in our students.
  • The Statement of Values is our pledge to inclusion, openness and respect for our students.
  • The Statement of Service identifies life-long learners as our core constituency, and places that commitment in the context of the public good we hope to promote.
  • The Student Manifesto is our promise to provide the highest level of support to our students.

We hope that you consider these statements in deciding if you wish to attend our institution, and encourage our students to regularly review them. We believe that education is only successful if students and teachers have aligned goals. We aspire to a high standard at American Sentinel University, and expect the same of our students. We believe that creating a set of expectations and living up to them are crucial to success in education, work, and life. The significance for our students lies in the example that we set, and we will encourage you to emulate.

Mission Statement

American Sentinel University’s mission is to provide high-quality, innovative degree and certificate programs that enable students to enhance their professional and civic lives.

Vision Statement

To be recognized as a world leader…

… for providing accessible, quality, advanced education for the motivated learner/professional who seeks success in their chosen fields and communities …

… for our innovative use of technology that creates new standards in outcomes and achievement of academic excellence…

… for our understanding of and meeting the changing needs of our students, communities and other constituents…

… for creating excellence in student and constituent services.

University Principles

Four principles guide American Sentinel University and serve as the foundation for all activities of its Board of Trust, administration, faculty and students: Scholarship, Leadership, Accountability, and Citizenship.