Life Experience and Transfer Credits

Most American Sentinel University students bring tremendous life experience and knowledge to the classroom — knowledge that may have been acquired both in and outside of the traditional classroom setting.  We value the insight that students offer to the American Sentinel student community, and we invite you to speak with one of our admissions team members to help you explore how you can earn credit for any college-level knowledge that you have acquired outside of the classroom. Such life experience transfer credits could reduce the total cost of your degree and the time needed to earn it.

American Sentinel considers the following sources as life experience and transfer credit:

The Admission Process

Maximum Allowable Life Experience Transfer Credits

A maximum of 75 percent of a student’s completed Associate or Bachelor’s degree requirements and 50 percent of Master’s degree requirements can be earned through a combination of prior completed college course work and life experience transfer credit.

Life Experience and Transfer Credits are not currently available for the project-based MBA Healthcare program.

Transfer Credit Policy

Get Started….

An admissions advisor can help you get started on determining which life experiences you can capitalize on and begin the process of creating a transfer credit evaluation.  We’re here for you via phone: 866.922.5690, or live chat to answer your questions. Contact us today!