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Professional Certifications and Licenses

Students are encouraged to inform their Admissions Engagement Manager of completion of any professional certifications they may have. We recognize these accomplishments as viable knowledge.

Once official confirmation of certification completion is received from the student, faculty members will review the skills achieved through such certifications to confirm that the skills map appropriately with relevant course work. If an 80 percent certification-to-course-work comparison level is achieved, credit is awarded. There is no additional fee associated with such evaluations.

Industry certifications currently recognized by American Sentinel University:

Course TitleCertificate Acknowledged For Transfer CreditApplicable Degree
BSN440Certified Case Manager (CCM), Accredited Case Manager (ACM)RN to BSN, RN to BSN/MSN
N527PEProject Management ProfessionalMSN
N541Certified Case Manager, Accredited Case ManagerMSN
N544PECertified Case Manager, Accredited Case ManagerMSN
N571PECertified Board of Infectious Control and EpidemiologyMSN
N572PECertified Board of Infectious Control and EpidemiologyMSN
BIO501Certified Board of Infectious Control and EpidemiologyMSN
MGT550SHRM Professional in Human ResourcesMBA
MGT550SHRM Senior Professional in HRMBA
STR570Certified Strategic Planning ProfessionalMBA

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