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Professional Work and Life Experience

American Sentinel recognizes that students bring tremendous assets to the classroom and understand that learning is a lifelong activity and that many life learning experiences have a value equivalent to college-level coursework.

The experiential learning portfolio (ELP) allows students to share the learning that they have gained through self-instruction, professional experience and corporate training; having that experience evaluated for possible college credit.

Evaluation of an ELP is an extensive process and requires the time and attention of many. American Sentinel is committed to making education affordable, and therefore charges a minimal cost for the ELP evaluation process: $300 for an undergraduate course evaluation and $400 for a graduate course evaluation.

How it works

  • The student assembles and submits a portfolio, which is evaluated by faculty subject-matter experts.
  • The student must demonstrate in the portfolio that life learning has provided the equivalent of at least 80 percent of the learning objectives addressed in a particular course.
  • American Sentinel personnel review the submitted portfolio within 2-4 weeks of submission.

Please note: ELPs will not be accepted for capstone courses in any program, courses in the DNP program or N501PE when taken as a bridge course to the DNP.

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