Careers in IT – Perspectives from Paul Capicik, Lt Col, U.S Air Force (Ret.)

My name is Paul Capicik, and I am the military program manager for American Sentinel University. Prior to joining American Sentinel, I spent over 26 years in the U.S. Air Force and another 12 years with a private sector company as CIO where I directed IT related projects of all kinds. As a service member who developed a rewarding career in the IT arena after leaving the military, I feel compelled to share my perspective on opportunities in this exciting field with other service members who are currently building IT related skills in the service or plan to do so post transition. Over the course of the next several months, I will be sharing articles on a range of IT related topics from my experiences, and when possible, from other subject-matter experts about

  1. Why IT is an exceptional field for service members
  2. The diverse paths and specializations within the IT arena
  3. Things to expect as an IT professional
  4. Career potential information
  5. Supplemental material related to courses in our IT programs
  6. Topic requests from IT group participants

Although my primary objective is to share my specific experiences that I hope you and your friends will find to be valuable as you choose your career path/further your education, I will also spend a little bit of time telling you about American Sentinel University and why I believe their IT program offers a serious path to achieving your educational goal.

For those of you who are interested in pursuing careers in IT, whether you are a current American Sentinel student or not, I will provide you with a way to get in touch with me; to read these articles/perspective, and to connect with me directly to learn more about programs at American Sentinel.

To officially launch this article series, I want to start with a story about what specifically attracted me to this particular field, how I was influenced to pursue this path as a young airman, and how I was able to transition to an second career in IT.

  • From an early age I was interested in math and sciences. While my U.S. Air Force Academy bachelor’s degree was in Mathematics, I took numerous IT related courses in computer programming and application development. This was back in the 60’s when IT education was fairly new, but it developed my passion for this type of learning (I almost lived in the computer lab in those days.)
  • After graduation I was sent to pilot training but I always held an intense desire to reenter the IT arena. With later assignments in strategic and war planning, I made every effort to use the latest IT tools and foster adaptation of the new technology.
  • To enhance promotion opportunity and remain true to my long-term interest, I obtained a master’s degree in Information Technology Resource Management. This move set up my last Air Force assignment and eventual civilian follow-on career with a nationwide enterprise having 1500 geographically separated offices and 60,000 members.
  • Although not a direct path to my long-term interest, persistence and advanced education paid off for me – it can for you.

In this current career with American Sentinel, my main motivation is to share my positive career experiences with the military community to help our service members achieve their potential through advanced education and pursue a highly attractive career path.

Several avenues are available for follow-on discussion to these articles – start by connecting to me on LinkedIn – I will use this forum to communicate with people like you who want to discuss this exciting career or to learn more about our programs. Please use this tool to help yourself and your fellow participants enhance your educational experience and embellish your ability to succeed in your chosen career path. We solicit topics that you would like discussed and participation is highly encouraged! Feedback – confirmation of what is said or constructive criticism – is always welcome.

Finally, a plug for American Sentinel! I joined the American Sentinel team because of the schools sincere commitment to helping the military student meet and exceed their advanced educational objectives. This is accomplished on three main fronts – by providing:

  1. Relevant up-to-date degrees and courses that meet the needs of today’s students and employers be it in the government or civilian community
  2. Both academic and personal support needed for the military student to successfully complete their degree or certification program
  3. Reduced military tuition rates and scholarships – both available to the service member, veterans and their spouses.

If you know of anyone including your spouse, friend, or family member who you believe might benefit from an American Sentinel degree, please let us know and encourage them to participate in this forum. You can also tell us about them and we would be happy to reach out to them directly with additional information about our programs.

I look forward to your continued participation in this series of articles and hope the information and ensuing discussion will help motivate your continued pursuit of personal advancement.

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