Usernames and passwords to GoArmyEd

All schools may now request usernames and passwords to GoArmyEd.

Beginning 1 October 2009, Active Army Soldiers will use GoArmyEd to request Tuition Assistance for accredited postsecondary schools that have a user account in GoArmyEd. Previously, only select schools that signed a Letter of Instruction (LOI) with the Army were provided user accounts to GoArmyEd. Schools that did not have a Letter of Instruction with the Army (Non-LOI schools) did not have access to GoArmyEd. Active Duty Soldiers were reimbursed by the Army if they wished to use TA at Non-LOI schools.

Starting 1 October, all schools (LOI and Non-LOI) will use GoArmyEd to electronically process their invoices and submit Active Soldier grades for TA funded classes. Click Here to request a primary point of contact account for your school today.