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Today I will focus on what is arguably the fastest growing and most concerning area of IT Security.

As I am sure you have noticed, Information Technology related processes and devices are becoming an ever increasing part of our personal and business lives. While in many ways it enhances our standard of living and business productivity, it also increases our vulnerability to having personal or confidential information exposed.

Almost daily, there are news stories about the rise of identity theft and ways to prevent it, and stories about increased terrorist cyber-threats to our financial institutions and national infrastructure systems. Little wonder, then, that emphasis is placed increasingly on Information Technology Security measures and the job potential that accompanies it. Simply put, there has never been a better time to enroll in an IT Security Degree Program.

I.T. Security itself is a very diverse field. You can enter this career path as an entry level worker and spend a lifetime advancing to very high levels in management. (The military even just created a “Cyber Command” that touches all services; the President is now considering appointing a Cyber-Security Czar.)

Here are some IT Security Careers to consider:

  • Customer Support. Set-up of end-user computer system security policies, passwords, and security devises. Provide security training for new employees and monitor equipment usage practices.
  • Application Development. Ensure application development includes necessary security measures/coding; test applications against security breaches.
  • Network System Security. Protect hardware and software packages against abuses from inside and outside of the organization, whether via a communication interface or internet connections.
  • IT Forensics. While the above-mentioned paths focus on prevention of abuse, forensics investigates abuses that have already occurred. This helps minimize the damage and provides insight on how to improve prevention.

I want to share with you the following excerpt from Steve Norry, director of engineering at Scalable Network Technologies, because I found it very interesting. These comments were made during the recent MilCom 2009 Conference in Boston (Oct. 19-21):

“Cyber-warfare caused us to come up with the software virtual network definition and concept. But a variety of different companies are using software virtual networks now because it allows the nondestructive testing of everything in a network-from the applications all the way down to the physical devices.” (View the full article here: Cyber-warriors Smarten Up on Virtual Battlefields (link to and get more information on the exciting world of IT security.)

Be sure to look for my next article, where I interview a current IT Security Manager for career tips and recommendations. If you have tips or ideas about the Information Technology Security arena, I invite you to post them here.

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