Tuition Assistance FAQs

Can you tell me more about tuition assistance? How much does it cover, is it different for active vs. non-active duty, for different branches, etc…? Thanks!

computerTuition Assistance may pay up to 100% of your tuition, but there are certain restrictions. For the most up to date information I always look on the DANTES website. They have a very useful “Desktop Reference for Education Benefits” section that details all education benefits for all branches, active or non-active duty, reserves, national guard, and they even include specific state information.

Visit the Education Benefits Desktop Reference (on the DANTES site) to find out all the details about the tuition assistance that you are entitled to.

For Active Duty Tuition Assistance, you will find the following links helpful:

  • GoArmyEd: Tuition Assistance for Army.
  • Air Force TA info (PDF file)
  • Navy College Program TA page
  • USMC TA page

Tuition Assistance may cover undergraduate degree programs as well as graduate programs, depending on your situation. There are generally limits to the amount they will pay per credit, which is why it might not cover your entire education (some cover up to $250 per credit). There may also be yearly limits (for example, you may only be able to spend a certain amount per year on education). Some programs cover textbooks and some do not. For the details specific to your situation, make sure to check out the links we outlined above.

Don’t forget that you can also apply for government grants, such as Pell grants, if Tuition Assistance will not cover all of your costs. Grants are also especially useful during periods when you are not eligible for tuition assistance. If ever in doubt about your TA benefit eligibility, it is best to check with your service Education Office or College Office – they can provide the definitive answer to your question.

Keep asking questions and we will do our best to answer!

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