The Booming Apps Market Means More Jobs for Developers

It seems as though any time you turn on the television, you’ll see a commercial for a smart phone that can be customized or enhanced by adding highly specialized, downloadable mobile applications. These applications, or apps as they’re popularly known, allow users to download software or programs to do any number of things.

From GPS or weather apps to recipe finders and guitar tuners, there literally is an app for just about everything. A quick Google search of the term, “phone apps,” returns 178,000,000 results!

The demand for mobile apps translates to an important fact for anyone considering higher education – technology is a hot field, especially sub-specialties that are impacted by the mobile app boom, such as information technology or computer science.

In the article, “Bright Employment Prospects for Developers,” on, Tom Silver, Dice’s SVP for North America, explains that the software developer position is the number three spot in his company’s list of the top 10 in-demand tech skills (which is based on responses from its annual hiring survey).

To further quantify exactly how hot the market is for app developers, consider what Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen said at the Web 2.0 Summit on Nov. 16, 2010: “There’s a war happening for developers; there’s a war to try to get the best applications for a particular platform and to keep that lead.”

Specifically, the war he’s referring to is between dominant mobile operating systems Android and Apple and their quest to gain market dominance by recruiting the best talent to create the most popular mobile apps. It’s important to understand that the focus here is not on who is winning the war, rather the demand for mobile app developers and how higher education can place one in a prime position to capitalize on the boom.

An online computer science degree or an online IT degree is a great starting point to gain the education and real-world expertise to attract these kinds of jobs.

The Computer Science degree programs at American Sentinel “give students the foundational knowledge they need to succeed in all types of application development, including the applications for the smart phones market. We also address the security needs of mobile computing users in all of our technology programs,” said Dr. Danette Lance, Dean of Computer Science and Information Systems/Information Technology at American Sentinel University.

What’s more, experts agree that the job market for app developers will continue to grow as smart phones become more widely adopted by mobile users.

Additionally, many IT analysts feel the U.S. market is particularly ripe for developers, based on data that suggests the U.S. is lagging behind Asia and Europe in the mobile arena. In an effort to play catch-up, many predict the U.S. will be hiring aggressively for app developer positions.

These data points and trends provide solid evidence that the mobile app market is growing rapidly, and this growth translates to a need for talented IT professionals and developers. By pursuing an information technology degree, you’ll be in the right place to take advantage of this growth today…and in the future.

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