Nursing Credentials, With a Specialty in Complementary Medicine

Janna Moll’s online Master of Science Nursing degree has helped her gain leverage in integrating complementary medicine with traditional patient care

Janna Moll will be the first to tell you she’s a firm believer in higher education. Although she entered the workforce right out of high school, she earned an associate degree in her late 20s, then a bachelor’s degree in environmental biology and chemistry when her children were small. So it’s no surprise that when she wanted to further her career in energy medicine, which was considered an alternative or complementary therapy, going back for a master’s degree was the most important step she took.

Finding an ideal fit in online learning

As a successful practitioner in alternative energy healing, Janna had launched a series of private practices in the places she lived over the years: Tennessee, then Australia, then Colorado. But without advanced credentials, certain avenues in her field—for example, accompanying her patients through surgical procedures—were more difficult for her.

Although Janna first enrolled in American Sentinel University’s online MBA program along with her business partner, she ended up taking a break for personal reasons. When she was ready to pick up again, she decided that the MSN degree better suited her timetable and her professional interests. “The business of running my business is not my favorite thing,” she admits.

Janna, who credits good time management and a strong support network for her success in completing the MSN, urges prospective students not to be daunted by the thought of class time and coursework. “I don’t think people understand how attainable it is,” she says. “It’s hard enough to find an hour out of every day. For me, to be able to take my classes at my desk at the end of my work day—saving at least another hour of travel time—made the difference between getting this degree and not getting this degree.”

The most rewarding part of her American Sentinel experience, she adds, was the staff. “They were exceptional,” she says. “Any time I had a question or concern, or got frustrated, they were approachable, accommodating and sympathetic.”

Broadening her opportunities by mentoring others

“Because part of my job is to assist my energy medicine clients through surgical processes and assist them on their healing journey, [the degree] made a big difference immediately,” Janna says.

“Within the first week of course work completion, the door was opened to me to go through surgery with my client with grace and ease because I had an MSN. Also, my company requires a nursing background or professional health degree to be a certification reviewer for our credentials, and this was my ticket to that job as well.”

Janna’s online MSN also has allowed her to change the company policy regarding mentors and mentoring for the Healing Touch Program organization, through which she teaches training classes. “It used to be required that a nurse act as supervisor over mentorship if neither the mentor nor the mentee were nurses,” she says. “Now we require a Qualified Mentor, who can be a nurse or non-nurse as long as they can show they are current with the program completion and certification materials we require, and that they have been successful with moving three mentees through certification.”

Janna also wrote the training course she teaches, which keeps people current with the program’s materials. And, to top it off, she’s begun to publish in energy medicine anthologies and is writing a textbook for her field.

“We are constantly pushing ourselves to learn new things,” Janna says of herself and her business partner in Energy Medicine Specialists, the company she launched. “What makes a degree so valuable is that no matter what, no one can take away from you what you have learned.”

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