American Sentinel’s New Brand Launch Right around the Corner

Starting next week, American Sentinel University’s logo, colors, website and other collateral will appear completely different. That’s because, after five years of positioning students for successful careers in the health care, IT and business worlds, we decided it was time that our look matched our success – and our bright future ahead.

The new logo and look reflect the core personality traits that students have come to know and trust about American Sentinel: that we are credible and professional, warm and inspired, contemporary and forward-thinking. But the new branding does this with a fresh, modern spin that truly reflects who we are.

While we’re sure you’ll be as excited as we are about the new look, rest assured, nothing about the school is changing other than our graphic appearance. Our courses and degree programs, faculty, credit hours, student advisors, executive management, accreditations, mission – everything will stay exactly the same. All we’ve done is refresh our image to match the pride we feel about American Sentinel, its excellent track record, and a very bright future ahead.

For more information, and to get a sneak peek at the new logo, click here.