In Online Education, a Busy Father Finds Professional Rewards

In Online Education, a Busy Father Finds Professional Rewards

Kendon Howard

Kendon Howard had to finish school, but life was catching up to him. With the birth of his first child and an offer for full-time employment, earning the 30 credit hours needed to finish his bachelor’s degree became a formidable task.

“I missed so many classes because of my job that I started missing the assignments, too,” he said. “I had never considered online classes before, but I began to investigate them.”

Now he is glad he did. After connecting with admissions at American Sentinel University, Kendon was able to transfer nearly 100 percent of the credits already earned toward his degree. American Sentinel’s DETC accreditation also meant his employer would reimburse the cost of tuition.

“American Sentinel was absolutely the best decision for me,” Kendon said. “My advisors treated me like a person – not a number. They were as committed to my goals as I was.”

Family life makes graduate school a challenge.

Soon after finishing his Bachelor of Science Computer Science degree, Kendon changed careers. Working as a representative for a global pharmaceutical manufacturer, he knew American Sentinel’s MBA Health Care program would provide opportunities for professional advancement.

But family life had changed, too. Kendon and his wife now had two more children, and for a working father of three, earning a second degree posed new challenges.

“I was concerned about committing my time to school again given my new job and growing family,” he explained. “I knew I would have to use every possible moment of free time.”

American Sentinel’s flexible online format let Kendon attend classes according to his own schedule. “All course work is available whenever I have time – like after the kids go to sleep or early on a Saturday,” he said. “My life may be busy, but time for work, school, and family balanced out well.”

A leader in the workplace

Working at the steady pace of one course per month, Kendon, a diabetes care specialist, finished his MBA with a 3.95 grade point average. Not only did his employer cover the cost of tuition and books, but upon graduation he received something else – a cash bonus for finishing his program.

“Earning this degree completely changed the way I view the roles of management, executives, and various organizations within this business,” Kendon said. “The MBA Health Care program let me learn alongside a diverse group of professionals with situations similar to mine.”

Now Kendon’s colleagues recognize him as a leader in all aspects of his profession. “I even serve as a certified mentor in our corporate mentoring program,” he said.

When Kendon decided to pursue a master’s degree, he wanted more solid grounding in his chosen field and the ability to compete for training and management positions. Having now achieved those goals, he thanks online education for giving him the opportunity to succeed.

“There are many good leaders in our organization,” Kendon said. “I’m confident that additional education would improve their performance even more.”

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