Online Bachelor’s Degree Gives IT Specialist an Opportunity

Online Bachelor’s Degree Gives IT Specialist an Opportunity

After working with computers for 25 years, David Cannon had lots of experience. He was a computer systems engineer, and while his associate’s degree helped him find employment, he could see the long-term benefits of furthering his education.

“One of my colleagues was working on his master’s degree,” David said. “Without another degree, I knew it would be harder to receive promotions and raises.”

And with his company encouraging him to pursue a bachelor’s degree, David knew that now was a better time than ever to go back to school. “Having a bachelor’s degree would open the door to more opportunities,” he explained. “And when things get rough, it can be the deciding factor in whether you keep your job.”

Online classes made it possible

When David earned his associate’s degree, he had to take classes at night. He knew from experience that attending class after work was exhausting, and he started considering distance education as a more convenient alternative.

“There were no online universities back then,” David said. “I wanted something more convenient than night classes. I knew there were ways to take courses around my current schedule.”

Although he admits being “anxious” about starting online classes, David enrolled in American Sentinel University’s Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program. By the time he began his first course, any lingering anxiety was all but eliminated.

“American Sentinel’s format lets everyone in the class communicate with one another,” he said. “The ability to interact with the class provides comfort any time you’re looking at a new assignment. It takes the anxiety away.”

And when he started applying course material to tasks at work, David began to see the real value of his education.

“I took several classes that covered TCIP protocol, something I previously knew very little about. We deal with that at work, and taking those courses really made a difference.”

A solid support network

In addition to a degree program that let David take classes on the weekends and during his lunch break, he benefitted from a generous employer reimbursement program that made the cost of tuition negligible.

Ongoing support from colleagues also helped David complete his program successfully. “Having supportive people in the workplace really made a difference,” he explained. “It’s important to have someone to lean on.”

Now David is contemplating the next step for his education, which may be a master’s degree from American Sentinel University.

“Anyone thinking about going back to school should look at what American Sentinel has to offer. I’m considering starting a master’s degree, and I will definitely get it through American Sentinel.”

Now that he has his Bachelor of Science Information Technology, David is proud that he, like his children, is a university graduate. “I steered my kids in the right direction and put them through college,” he said. “Even though they earned their degrees first, I’m glad to say I achieved the same goal.”

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