Nursing Student is Recognized for a Job Well Done!

When our students start getting media attention, we feel like we’ve done something right!

Nursing student Marjorie Fournier recently caught the attention of the editorial staff at, a leading source of nursing news and thriving online nurse community. The site profiled Marjorie in an article that also included quotes from Catherine Garner, our dean of health sciences and nursing.

From our point of view here at American Sentinel, Marjorie is a classic success story.

Earlier this year, we profiled her in a blog post titled “Nurse Reaches Lifelong Goal, Finds Personal Fulfillment in BSN.” At the time, Marjorie was enrolled in our RN to BSN online degree program. She caught the attention of our staff because she was not only sticking to her commitment to earn a degree, but she was using information gained from her coursework to make a positive impact in her workplace – and as a result was asked to interview for a position as nurse manager!

The article on is titled “Nurse Turns Key to Success with Degree” and it chronicles Marjorie’s amazing path from candy striper to nurse supervisor, along with her tips for staying motivated while pursuing an online degree. It also makes the point that, like Marjorie, many other nurses are finding a BSN degree to be critical to their success:

The push for BSN-prepared nurses, as evidenced by Magnet hospital requirements, is not a new one. “The BSN is the ticket to staying in place,” said Catherine Garner, RN, MSN, DrPH, FAAN, dean of health sciences and nursing for American Sentinel. “CNOs have now said that it’s great that you have your associate, but in the complexity of this environment you need your BSN … to be able to participate in daily levels of care.”

Our online programs also include MSN and DNP degrees. All are flexible and designed to accommodate the needs of a working adult who is already juggling career and family obligations – we have built-in support systems to help all of our students persevere and succeed.

Could an advanced nursing degree, perhaps with a specialization in a high-demand area like infection control or case management, benefit you? Why not explore the options today?

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