Stay-at-Home-Mom Turns to American Sentinel to Relaunch Her Career

Stay-at-Home-Mom Turns to American Sentinel to Relaunch Her Career

Sudha Krishnan started her college education in India in the 1990s, taking computer programming courses through the National Institute of Information Technology. “I’ve always been curious about technology,” says Sudha, whose mother was a math teacher and father was a mechanical engineer in the automobile industry. Sudha started out working for her family business, implementing hardware and software programs and doing other accounting and computer work. Later, she worked for a medical transcription company.

Big Life Changes

A few years after completing her programming degree, Sudha and her husband moved to California, where her husband started his career as a management consultant. Although she took some courses through the years at the American College of Information Systems—an American Sentinel predecessor—several personal matters took a front seat in Sudha’s life. For the time being, Sudha’s priority was her family. “In 2011, something struck me, and I felt it was time to finish my education,” Sudha says. With 51 credits to go to earn her degree, she resumed her course work and laid out an 18-month schedule with her student success advisor to complete her Bachelor of Science Information Systems.

A Well-Rounded Degree

Sudha decided to study information systems—combining her passion for technology and interest and experience in business. “Information systems offers a broader perspective,” she says. “Hardware and software is interesting, but I’ve always been interested in the business strategy and management of information systems.”

Grateful for Good Support

Sudha’s husband and children were her cheerleaders as she took as many as five classes a term. “I would sit down my kids and tell them, ‘Mommy will be done in February. After that I’ll play with you as much as you want!’” Sudha recalls. “I knew I could do it, but it wasn’t easy. But my children respected what I was doing. They were proud of me, and that was very motivating for me.”

Sudha also had great support from another important person: her American Sentinel student success advisor. “I appreciated Carmen more than I can say,” she says. “She would call me regularly to make sure I was on track and hanging in there. One phone call from her would make a huge difference. She would tell me I could do it, and those words were encouraging.”

Achieving Her Goal—and Launching Her Career

Sudha graduated in February 2012 and is now eager to get back into the work force, hopefully in a business or systems analyst position. “My goal is to gain experience, so I’m very open to industries,” she says. “I’m excited to apply what I’ve learned to a great new position.” Sudha is also considering a master’s degree down the road. “I hope to work my way up to a senior management position. I know the right thing is out there. I’m excited to find it.”

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