Cloud Jobs for Future IT Departments

Cloud Jobs for Future IT Departments

With the cloud bubble busting wide open in 2012, many IT specialists wondered how it would impact future jobs.

According to an IDC white paper sponsored by Microsoft, analysts forecast 13.8 million new jobs from public and private cloud IT services worldwide by 2015 and cloud revenue reaching $1.1 trillion.

“The cloud is going to have a huge impact on job creation,” says Susan Hauser, Microsoft corporate vice president of the Worldwide Enterprise and Partner Group. “It’s a transformative technology that will drive down costs, spur innovation, and open up new jobs and skill sets across the globe.”

The study found half of the cloud-related jobs will come from companies with 500 or fewer employees. More than one-third of cloud-enabled jobs will occur in the communications and media, banking, and discrete manufacturing industries, while China and India will account for about half of all new cloud-related jobs.

“One of the trends we’re seeing is that companies are using cloud-based collaboration software not just for their internal employees, but to engage and share information with partners and vendors,” says Aaron Nettles, co-founder and CEO of Vorsite, a Microsoft Tier 3 Cloud Champion Member based in Seattle, Wash. “So it’s really not just about maintaining technology but also about leveraging it to drive revenue for the business.”

But with this drive toward Cloud adoption comes a change that may disrupt businesses.

According to the Third Annual Trends in Cloud Computing from CompTIA, the leading non-profit association for the IT industry, the increasingly integral role of cloud computing is accompanied by significant change and disruption for cloud users, IT staffs and technology providers.

Although the number of organizations using cloud resources increased for the third straight year, the report says, this changes policies and procedures, restructuring IT departments and use of outside companies. But, these are necessary precautions.

The CompTIA report says as more lines of business attempt to procure and maintain their own cloud solutions, policies regarding security, use of company data and mobile devices need to be addressed.

“Internal IT departments also are on the edge of major transformation,” said Seth Robinson, director, technology analysis, CompTIA. “The option for cloud solutions for various parts of the computing stack is opening the doors for IT professionals to perform new tasks, or at least perform old tasks in new ways. It’s also creating new job roles and functions to more tightly integrate IT teams with lines of business.”

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