Business Intelligence Technology in the Military

Business Intelligence Technology in the Military

Business intelligence technology is not just for Fortune 500 companies. The military has been using it to bolster operations for years. Just in the past two years, BI technology has been used for data analysis, improving transportation hubs and health care, to name a few.

The Defense Department’s U.S. Transportation Command has been using Information Builders’ WebFocus business intelligence tools to improve medical care planning and monitoring of injured or sick military personnel while they’re in transit. According to, the business intelligence tools provide in-transit visibility of the patients.

But, the greatest use for BI comes as the military faces $1 trillion in budget cuts for 2013.

Information Builders created BI solutions for the Navy so sailors could do more with less. According to the company’s press release, BI is paramount to the military’s success in the midst of shrinking budgets. BI and enterprise integration solutions from Information Builders have empowered the Navy by streamlining data access and delivery and bridging the gap between enterprise software and military needs, the company said.

“Naval organizations have many of the same data storage and reporting challenges as the private sector,” said Gerald Cohen, president and CEO of Information Builders. “The right business intelligence solution provides invaluable insight, enabling these organizations to better manage resources, such as human capital and budget, so they can succeed despite shrinking assets.”

In the Department of Defense’s 15-page “Defense Budget Priorities and Choices” report, the DOD cited $259 billion potentially saved through “better use of information technology” and “better use of business and enterprise systems.”

For a business intelligence degree-seeking student, this means potential career opportunities in BI technology with military contractors.

Career Opportunities in Defense BI

With the growing importance in BI for the Defense Department, online technology students should consider career paths in defense technology firms.

Many firms are constantly looking for new graduates in technology fields. CSC is the world’s largest dedicated aerospace and defense IT services partner. CSC is currently seeking 16 candidates to fill technology positions that will service the government sector, including the military.

All the other usual tech firms, such as SAS and Microsoft, will likely be competing for those government BI contracts, too, and are worth keeping an eye on for future BI job openings.

Their potential clients, the military, also pose great opportunity for American Sentinel University graduates with an Information Technology degree online, or an M.S. Business Intelligence.

American Sentinel Technology graduates might consider the Army’s Signal Corps Officer program, which directs systems engineering. Signal Corps is essentially the BI community of Army. In the Air Force and Navy, several different officer branches use BI-type technology in air traffic control and sonar.

Whichever route you choose, the defense BI future is bright in defense.