American Sentinel Adjunct Nursing Professor Receives Award

Ami Bhatt, DNP, MBA/HCM, RN, adjunct assistant professor at American Sentinel University

Ami Bhatt, DNP, MBA/HCM, RN, adjunct assistant professor at American Sentinel University, recently received the Excellence in Mentoring award from Western Governors University, where she is a full-time nursing faculty member.

The Excellence in Mentoring Award recognizes the best mentors—the official title for all Western Governors faculty members—in the university. Nominees are measured on their contributions to student retention, student progress and student satisfaction, as well as their extraordinary service to students, attitude, additional projects undertaken and more.

Dr. Bhatt has taught at Western Governors since 2010. She teaches health policy, nursing leadership and nursing informatics. At American Sentinel, she teaches in the bachelor’s, master’s and DNP programs and serves on the curriculum development and instructional design committee for both the bachelor’s and master’s programs. She also is a capstone chair for DNP students. Dr. Bhatt plans to pursue a post DNP to Ph.D. program within the next year.

“It is a privilege and tremendous opportunity to have the ability to affect the lives of my students in a positive way,” says Dr. Bhatt, who has taught in the nursing programs at universities such as Oakland University, Michigan State University and South University.

“I still remember some of my best teachers and professors. They were not only influential in their educational message, but also passionate about their work with students. To watch a student grow during class from someone who may be somewhat anxious, frightened, and insecure to someone who is full of confidence and knowledge with better writing skills is a phenomenal gift.”

Dr. Bhatt adds that students inspire her to continue teaching and learning. “As leaders and educators, it is our responsibility and duty to lead by example,” she says. “With so many changes in our health care system, educated professionals will provide the support and knowledge necessary for optimum health care delivery to promote health, wellness and great patient outcomes. We have the opportunity to educate our future leaders, innovators and pioneers. It is truly an honor.”