Our Top IT Stories of 2013

Our Top IT Stories of 2013

Our IT blog this past year has covered hot topics in GIS, IT, health care and more. Reflecting back on 2013, we determined what was the best-of-the-best. Read this years IT recap.

Five steps to building your GIS career Geographic and geospatial information systems have taken on growing importance in many organizations. GIS allows types of data analysis that would be impossible in other ways. It’s a good way to expand your IT career and in this post are five steps you can take. There’s even a free e-book.

Complexities in managing GIS
Learning new technology is one thing; understanding how to manage it is another. The implications of legislation, globalization and mobile are profound and will affect how professionals direct and implement GIS in their organizations.

Find the right tools for mobile development
Yes, mobile has implications for GIS, but it also touches on virtually all other aspects of a modern corporation. Management issues abound, but so do old-fashioned choices of development tools.

Learn how to protect mobile, too
With a majority of Americans owning smartphones, mobile technology seems here to stay. But securing mobile use of websites and back-end systems is much trickier than it might seem. Here are some lessons from problems that the Department of Defense and Department of Agriculture ran into.

Health informatics, a need in health care
Health care
and information technology will increasingly become a pair of topics joined at the hip. Care providers need to learn how to use information to better run their operations. That means a IT professionals must understand how to implement and apply informatics.

IT career opportunities in health care
More generally, the health care industry, with the regulatory economic changes it has seen, will offer great IT career opportunities. Here is a summary of the job growth in the industry.

IT salaries take a job
Some particularly welcome news was a big increase in the salaries of IT professionals. When looking at job hunting and salary negotiations in 2014, be sure to keep on top of additional developments, as you don’t want to based expectations on older and lower rates.

Traits to get ahead in IT
It’s a mistake to think that success in IT is nothing but understanding technology. There are three major leadership traits you’ll need if you want to develop your career.

Don’t become your own worst enemy
Getting ahead in IT takes study and hard work. Sadly, undermining your progress is all too easy. There are three ways you can trip up your career.

Real-time GIS for better operations
GIS-backed analysis of data allows organizations to make better decisions. But geographically tagging that data can be a challenge. That’s why it makes sense to look at what the Federal Emergency Management Agency did to make GIS data available in real-time through a cloud implementation.

Here come the robots
Whether folding shirts in a retail store or taking orders at a fast food emporium, robots are making a significant impact on how business is done. But whether they are electronic overlords or virtual servants, it will take IT to make them run and integrate them into a company’s infrastructure.

Keep innovation in IT
IT without innovation becomes a monotonous machine that can only keep the lights on and not help companies become more competitive and discover new ways of doing business. As it stands, too often companies sacrifice the innovation to shrink costs around what must currently be done. Just like last year, 2014 is bound to offer new insights for those who make the computers work for business, government and nonprofits. It’s a perfect time to keep learning alive, whether through an online computer science degree or a masters in information systems.

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