Provost Feature: How to bring data analytics to health care

Provost Feature: How to bring data analytics to health care

To meet federal health care reform mandates, IT and health care have joined forces. Job opportunities are increasing at rapid rates. What does this mean for professionals working in IT? In health care? Where does higher education play a role?

RnR Market Research estimates that health care analytics will grow 23 percent from 2012-2017.

[programpush poi=”MSISM”] In recent coverage on the IT shift into health care Bytes explored the field of health information and health care informatics. Kurt Linberg, Ph.D., provost at American Sentinel spoke with Health IT Analytics stating that the demand for nurses is just as high as for IT professionals. To address this,  the university has specifically developed the MSISM online degree program to meet market demands.


“We’re realizing that, in working with our different healthcare partners, it’s more than just a nursing shortage.  They’re dealing with these very tough system integration issues,” says Dr. Linberg. “They need more technologists.  They need more information system managers and more executives with an understanding of healthcare challenges.”

Read the full article here: Trainee informaticists must face myriad EHRs, analytics tools


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