New E-book: GIS for Crime Analysis, Law Enforcement, and Public Safety

We live in a world of growing complexity and challenge. Law enforcement is no different. Federal, state, and local agencies face a growing population, shifting demographics, an evolving drug culture, and emerging technologies that facilitate more sophisticated criminal activity.

If your organization or company is planning to implement new, or enhance existing, GIS technology this year, then you know just how challenging it can be to learn the right software programs, and know the industry trends, to meet your and your organization’s goals.

This complimentary e-book kicks off with a preface from an American Sentinel GIS student Sr. Corporal D.J. Beaty of the Dallas Police Department. D.J. is faced with challenges on how to combat crime, and shares with us how the use of GIS and geospatial analysis has improved his law enforcement practices.

One of the important tools that is being used across industries such as law enforcement is GIS, or geographic and geospatial information systems. A combination of mapping and visualization systems, databases, analytic tools, and specialized data sources allow agencies to uncover patterns that would be next to impossible to identify without assistance.

In GIS for Crime Analysis, Law Enforcement, and Public Safety we explore the following topics:

  • Technology and Its Application
  • Types of Uses
  • Training and Background

You’ll get insight behind how GIS is on the forefront of cutting-edge technology as well as insight to help guide your educational and professional goals.

Download the GIS for Crime Analysis, Law Enforcement, and Public Safety and start on your path to success today!