Reading Roundup: 7 Recommended Books for Nurses

Reading Roundup: 7 Recommended Books for Nurses
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If you have time off over the holidays, or are just looking for a compelling book to curl up with on a winter day,  take a look at our recommended reading list for nurses. The links below take you to each book’s Amazon page, but many of these will be available from other sellers, in paperback or e-book versions.

Social media is here to stay and nurses cannot afford to fall behind. If you want to know more about using social media for networking, patient engagement, or collaborating with other nurses, this book shares essential information in an easy-to-read format and tells you everything you need to know to share nursing knowledge without stumbling into legal or HIPAA issues.

This is a lively, engaging book from a passionate author. In a conversational style, it shares the tricks and tips you need to improve nursing practice and further your career by embracing technology. If you’ve ever viewed new technology as a barrier, this book will help you break down those walls.


Although it was written more than a century and a half ago, in 1859, the book is surprisingly relevant today – perhaps because Nightingale’s thoughts were so advanced for her time. It is an easy read, and will give you many insights into why we practice nursing the way we do today – and why nursing must continue to evolve.


The author is a nursing educator who spent several months teaching nurses at a mission hospital in Nepal. The book itself has been described by one reviewer as “part travelogue, part philosophy, and very entertaining.” The author’s voice comes through as passionate and authentic as he shares his experiences and insights about Nepal’s people, culture, politics, and state of medical care.


  • Inspired Nurse by Rich Bluni, RN
    Anyone who’s ever faced job burnout will appreciate this inspirational book, which aims to rejuvenate stressed-out nurses by reminding them why they went into nursing in the first place. It’s one of those “laugh and cry” books that will validate your commitment to your profession and help you grow spiritually by providing insights into the full range of emotions that nurses experience on the job: joy, grief, wonder, gratitude, and hope.


  • The Comfort Garden: Tales from the Trauma Unit by Laurie Barkin, MSN, RN
    Written by a psychiatric nurse who worked in a trauma ward for many years, this engaging book is both touching and eye-opening, even though its subject matter means it is not always easy to read. It is part memoir and part journalistic narrative, as each chapter tells a well crafted tale about someone who arrived at the hospital after suffering an unimaginable trauma. The writing shines with vivid descriptions as it describes the staggering impact these patients have on their caregivers.
  • Bedlam Among the Bedpans: Humor in Nursing by Amy Y. Young
    This book is a compilation of some of the funniest nursing humor out there, collected from trade magazines, books, and the Internet. If you need a good laugh at the end of a stressful shift, these stories and cartoons will do the trick, by highlighting the humor in the real-life situations you face everyday as a nurse.

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