The Best of 2014

The Best of 2014

It was another successful year for On Call, American Sentinel’s healthcare blog, as we ran over 50 original blog posts for our audience of nurses and nursing students. We covered everything from inspiring profiles of our MSN students to recaps of new studies that might affect nursing practice. We also reported and commented on the trends that define healthcare today, as the Affordable Care Act and the HiTech Act continue to influence our rapidly evolving industry.

The biggest healthcare story of 2014 was, arguably, the Ebola crisis in Africa and the impact it had on American hospitals, nurses, and infection preventionists. So we were exceptionally proud when one our faculty members stepped forward to offer thought leadership on the unfolding events, calling for nurses to balance their concerns about personal safety with their responsibility to be well informed, in order to prevent the spread of misinformation and panic. If you missed it, you can read it online, along with our comprehensive list of resources regarding Ebola:

Our nominee for the emerging industry trend that nurses most need to keep an eye on is population health management, which is beginning to shift from theory into practice. Under PHM, providers will not only coordinate the medical aspects of care, but will address a broader range of social and cultural factors that can have an impact on health. PHM attempts to level the playing field a bit, preventing the disparities in health outcomes that are often seen by various types of disadvantaged populations. You can take a look at back at our summary here:

There are a couple of other hot topics that we covered heavily because they continue to define nursing practice in an era of rapid change. These topics are health information technology and infection prevention initiatives and we’ve nominated them for “Best of 2013” status.

Infection control and prevention:

Health information technology:

And since nursing education is, after all, what we do, our blog explored the need for nurses at all levels to become more educated, whether that means getting a BSN, MSN, or DNP. If you’re considering going back to school in 2015, maybe one of these posts will inspire you:

Happy New Year from American Sentinel University! Be sure to visit our blog again in 2015!

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