Competency-Based: A New Choice for Professionals

Education can make or break professional success in life. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the median income of someone with a bachelor’s degree is 65 percent higher than someone who graduated only from high school. With a master’s degree, the difference is double. In addition to improving earnings, advanced degrees help increase marketability, bolster professional reputation, and open new avenues for advancement. Employers also gain from “better quality employees who stay on the job longer, at least in part to keep making use of that benefit.” Little wonder why the annual production of master’s degrees at the nation’s schools of higher education jumped by 63 percent from 2000 to 2012.

Unfortunately, working professionals face challenges in attaining a master’s degree. The traditional credit-hour structure of education puts an emphasis on abstract academics in classes that are fixed in time. The logistical requirements and emphasis on theory can be incompatible with real-world work responsibilities and needs of actual companies.

But there is an alternative: competency-based programs. This educational approach can efficiently help professionals develop the required competencies they need to be successful and to contribute to an employer.

American Sentinel University knows that no single instructional style or structure is appropriate for everyone. American Sentinel created an e-book to help both working professionals with at least a bachelor’s degree and employers understand competency-based learning, how it compares with the traditional credit-hour organization, and the benefits it can offer. The reader will then see an example in American Sentinel University’s project-based MBA Healthcare program, an online option students complete through a series of projects. The e-book also addresses the types of people and companies that might find this instructional style useful.

Download and read Competency-Based: A New Choice for Professionals.

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