500+ Subscribers Can’t be Wrong!

500+ Subscribers Can’t be Wrong!

Many of you know that you can subscribe to our blog, The Sentinel Watch, to receive daily updates of our new content. We will be launching a new subscription service on Monday, October 19, 2015. This new subscription service will still keep you in the loop with all of American Sentinel University’s great content; but it will also provide up-to-date healthcare news from other noteworthy, trusted sources.

This new subscription service will ensure that you never miss a trending topic, a feel-good story, or helpful tips to aid you in your day-to-day work, and your education.

Still unsure if you want to subscribe? To borrow a page from our friend, David Lettermancheck out these Top 10 Reasons to Subscribe.


10. It’s effortless: content will be delivered to you with no additional work required after initial sign-up

9. It’s free: there is absolutely NO cost to receive all these great stories

8. It’s timely: all new content will be delivered quickly in an email

7. It’s protected: our information will never be shared with anyone – scouts honor

6. It’s informative: get useful tips on everything healthcare ranging from HAIs to HCAHPS to resolutions for conflict in the workplace

5. It’s social: with a subscription it is easy to share the content you love with your friends, family and co-workers

4. It’s fun: read sweet stories on nurses, and get to know American Sentinel University’s leadership team

3. It’s inspiring: our student success stories are inspirational and moving

2. It’s easy: just input your email and start receiving stories and news

1. It’s focused on YOU: all our content is curated and written with you in mind – this is your new one-stop-shop to stay in the know about new evidence-based best practices and what is happening in the world of healthcare.

Can’t live another minute without subscribing? Subscribe here >> http://watch.americansentinel.edu/