Team American Sentinel: Dr. Rick Oliver

Team American Sentinel: Dr. Rick Oliver

Each Friday we will be introducing you to one player on the American Sentinel University team. Everyone works hard to make sure our students reach their goals through supporting students and constantly improving our curriculum. When our students graduate with a relevant, innovative healthcare degree we all win!

What is your favorite part about your position at American Sentinel?

For years as a professor at Vanderbilt and Cornell, I taught and wrote about creating the future. I founded American Sentinel University to actually create the future for healthcare and nursing. It feels great to be part of a team that is transforming healthcare education.

What is your favorite quote?

Something my father always said and acted on: “The name on the front of your jersey [team name] is more important than the name on the back [your name].” 

If you could only watch one TV program or series the rest of your life, what would it be?

Hockey! Particularly the Stanley Cup finals, with the Nashville Predators winning; or the Gold Medal game in the Olympics with U.S.A. winning! I’d watch those games over and over. 

What music do you like to listen to?

Actually, I like just about everything and vary it up quite a bit. In the car, I listen to classical and in the gym I prefer hip-hop. My wife loves country so I hear a lot of that as well. 

What is your favorite thing about winter?

Nothing – except hockey. I grew up in Canada, and we used to say “we have eleven months of winter and one month of poor skating.” The French Canadians of my homeland say “mon pays est l’hiver!” – which translates to “my country is winter.”

What is your favorite book/author?

As an author of several books, I always like to joke that I don’t like to read a book I haven’t written. On a serious note, I love the work of my favorite author, professor and sage: Marshall McLuhan. His books are difficult but well worth the effort. I re-read Understanding Media every couple of years. I have a tribute to him in all my books. 

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