Year in Review: Best Posts of 2015

Year in Review: Best Posts of 2015

It was an incredibly busy year for us at The Sentinel Watch, American Sentinel University’s healthcare blog, as we set a personal record with 90 blog posts during 2015! We reported and commented on the trends that define healthcare today, as the Affordable Care Act and the HiTech Act continue to influence our rapidly evolving industry. And, as always, we pointed out how these industry-wide trends affect nursing practice. 

This year, we introduced Karen’s Corner, a series of posts by Dr. Karen Whitham, assistant dean of undergraduate nursing programs. In these eight posts, Dr. Whitham shares her personal experiences about what it’s like to go back to school mid-career. She offers valuable insights about balancing work, life, and school, pointing out that learning has no age limit. In case you missed it, the posts are all right here: 

As part of that “back to school” theme, we also profiled a large number of our students who were using education to change their own lives, follow a dream, and enhance their careers. We ran 13 profiles on BSN students, 13 profiles on MSN students, seven profiles on DNP students, and two profiles on studenst who earned both a BSN and MSN at American Sentinel! You can click here to browse all of these success stories in one place, and then click here to find out why student satisfaction with online learning is so high

Another huge topic we covered this year was the workplace issue of bullying. We tackled conflict in the workplace with a special series and have recently partnered with Dr. Renee Thompson, one of nursing’s top thought leaders in professional development and anti-bullying strategies. Her article series profiles the roots of nurse bullying and conflict resolution as Dr. Thompson shares her professional insight on how to best address and eliminate workplace bullying. If you’ve ever been bullied or witnessed bullying on the job, you’ll want to take a look at these posts: 

And finally, we were pleased to shed some light on these 21st-century issues you may have encountered:

Happy New Year from American Sentinel University! Be sure to visit our blog again in 2016!

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