Nine Healthcare Management Leadership Tips

Nine Healthcare Management Leadership TipsGetting pointers from those who have excelled in a field can be a smart move. Given the churning of change in healthcare, it’s important for managers in the industry to understand what has worked and what is working today. ran a series of management tips from their contributors. Some are more general ideas for leaders in any field and others are specific to the industry. Here are some of the top ideas that anyone interested in working as a manager in healthcare should consider.

  • Use tools to manage your time. Getting big things done requires keeping control of your schedule and time. Use every tool at your disposal, whether that means a paper planning system, some cloud-supported apps, or something else entirely.
  • Be an example, not a talking head. If you’ve ever worked for a hypocrite — a sadly easy experience to accumulate — then you know that talk doesn’t matter. People look to what you actually do. Give them a great example. Because the sort of person that, years from now, people will remember as a formative influence for good.
  • Hire “A” players. Get the best people you can find. They will not only provide a level of work impossible to otherwise get, but they will attract other talented individuals. People capable of working at a high level want to be in a place where they can. Show them your organization is such a place.
  • Create and encourage a diverse workforce and workplace. Diversity is important if you want to attract the best talent. Ignoring diversity is ignoring much of the available talent pool. A diverse workplace also creates a wide pool of experience that will be important in fueling innovation and understanding of customers.
  • Find people who really want change. Some people are happy trudging the same path until they create a rut. In today’s healthcare industry, you need change. Find people who want to improve the system, not get by.
  • Use data and results to guide decisions. Gut reactions are important in management, but so is the smart use of data. You can see whether specific strategies and tactics deliver the results you need.
  • Drive honesty. Dishonesty is the death to meaningful change. If people don’t tell you what’s actually happening, you’ll make the wrong decisions. That means the workplace must be free of fear.
  • Focus on values, build the processes, manage the team. Organizational values will drive what decisions are made. Processes help turn the values into action. People make the processes work and deliver results.
  • Consider all the stakeholders. Your organization has to satisfy management, employees, patients, shareholders, regulators, and the community. Keep aware of how decisions address each group.

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