Healthcare Leadership Career Tips from the Top

Healthcare Leadership Career Tips from the TopPeople may talk of natural leaders, and it’s true that some individuals seem born with a natural charisma. So are many con artists. Real leadership is more than an innate sense of believability. It requires skills and training to reach everyone in an organization, develop and communicate strategic direction, and harness the knowledge and expertise of individuals to achieve goals.

Healthcare leadership has some twists to its practice. Inevitably you work with many professionals whose rigorous training and experience help drive the organization. There are industry goals outside of those a care provider might hold for its own interests or those of owners or investors. Serving customers can be a literal life-and-death question and the professionals in the organization have allegiances of ethics and duty beyond the corporate. In addition, working healthcare leaders need to develop their careers if they are to make a difference.

Becker’s Hospital Review ran healthcare leadership and career tips from ten industry CEOs. Here are some of their suggestions.

Bring your values

Some would-be leaders may be able to create a false persona and use it to convince people to do what is needed, but maintaining an empty image is virtually impossible over the long run. You’re far better served, and will be more effective, by being genuine. If you are authentic and hold to what you really value, people are more likely to respect you and respond positively. Find your own style and make use of it rather than trying to become someone else’s clone.

Be in it for the long run

Success doesn’t come instantly in the industry. Effectively leaders need to learn the basics, understand human dynamics, and be ready to learn every day how to better fulfill their duties. Cultivate patience and take opportunities when they come so you can broaden your outlook and knowledge, both in healthcare and in other areas. Innovation depends on creativity and that thrives on new experiences.

Embrace difference

There is a wide variety of experiences, educational background, temperament, and outlook among all the people who work in a care facility. A leader must be comfortable with people at each level of the organization performing all functions. Learn how to communicate with and respect anyone for the biggest name specialist doctor to the cleaning crew. All have insights that can help the organization.

Make your own opportunities

From a career standpoint, don’t wait for people to show you the next step up in your professional development. Get involved with projects and areas, whether at work, through professional organizations, or in your personal life, and be willing to take risks to improve your skills and knowledge. At the same time, don’t neglect your current duties for the sake of your future. There is no better professional calling card than previous assignments well fulfilled.

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