Go Back to School Without Breaking the Bank

Go Back to School Without Breaking the Bank

Our Ready, Set, Grow series is an eight-part series that will walk an adult learner through the process of going back to school, this week outlines how to choose the right school for you. Each week will feature a new resource so be sure to check back each week to pick up the new tool. 

Ready, Set, Grow! – Paying for School

Going back to school may feel like a huge step, a major investment of both time and money. But paying for your next nursing degree is likely easier than you think! There are many resources that can potentially reduce your out-of-pocket tuition costs. These include: 

  • Paying for School InfographicA partnership between your organization and American Sentinel. We have relationships with approximately 170 hospitals and healthcare facilities, with various types of agreements in place. If your employer is one of them, you may be eligible for reduced tuition or deferred tuition.
  • Employer-sponsored educational benefits. Even if your employer does not have a partnership with us, it may have a tuition reimbursement plan. We may even be able to work with your organization to arrange deferred payment for you, or add them as a partner.
  • Military educational benefits. If you or your spouse are or have been in the military, you are eligible to reduce your overall tuition costs dramatically through American Sentinel’s military scholarship. In addition, you can use your Veteran’s Administration education benefits.
  • Transfer credits. If you have a professional certification in a nursing specialty, this translates into credit hours – thereby reducing the number of courses you have to take for an MSN and saving you money.

After you’ve looked at every way possible to reduce your tuition costs, you may find you still need a manageable way to pay for a nursing degree. Consider these: 

  • American Sentinel financing programs. We are one of the few nursing programs out there to offer an in-house payment plan, with 0% financing and as little as $500 down. We never want anyone to feel overwhelmed by the prospect of paying for more education.
  • The slow and steady approach. You can always purchase and pay for one class at a time as you can afford it, rather than taking a full course load. At American Sentinel, courses start every month so you’re not locked into a traditional semester schedule.
  • Federal financial aid. We have a page on our website that explains the different types of federal loans and grants. Or, just give us a call and an admissions advisor will provide you with the information you need.

To find out more about your options when it comes to paying for education, take a look at our new Paying for School Infographic. And don’t hesitate to give the American Sentinel admissions office a call at 1-866-922-5690, if you’re not sure which of these options apply to you. Our friendly admissions counselors are always ready to discuss your specific circumstances and you’re under no obligation to enroll after speaking to us.

Ready, Set, Grow!

Have you dreamed of earning your BSN, MSN or DNP? With American Sentinel, you can make that dream a reality.
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