Researching Potential Employers and Industries

Researching Potential Employers and IndustriesWhen it comes to growing your healthcare/nursing management career, one of your most important skills is going to be your ability to find out more about potential opportunities – that is, more about trends within the healthcare, nursing, and related industries, and more about the companies within those industries. The more you know, the better career decisions you’ll be able to make. The most important step in gathering information is knowing what questions to ask.

Questions you should ask

What are some of the questions you might ask as you consider which aspects of the healthcare industry might be good job-search candidates? These will get you started:

  • Who are the major employers?
  • What do their career paths look like?
  • Where is the industry (and its job openings) expanding or contracting?
  • What geographic regions offer the greatest number of jobs?
  • What are salary ranges for career paths within the various industry sectors?
  • What are the industry’s major trends, market opportunities, and competitive threats?

For employers (including for-profit, nonprofit, and public sector), consider these questions:

  • How stable is the organization?
  • How large is it? (There may be more opportunity for career advancement at larger organizations)
  • What products and/or services does the organization provide? Do they align with your personal values?
  • Who are its customers? (For nonprofits, who are their constituencies?)
  • What is the organization’s reputation or standing in the marketplace?
  • Have any recent positive or negative changes been reported about the organization?
  • Competition – who else is in the same market space, and how strong are they?
  • Does the organization seem to be expanding in ways that will provide opportunity for your skills and interests?
  • What’s the workplace culture like? Are people treated well, encouraged to grow professionally? Is the environment positive, neutral, or toxic?

These questions will get your hunt started – For now, take these questions and add your own questions that speak to your passions and personality. Best of luck in the hunt!