Graduates’ Tips for Good Grades and Great Work-Life Balance

Graduates’ Tips for Good Grades and Great Work-Life Balance

Our Ready, Set, Grow series is an eight-part series that will walk an adult learner through the process of going back to school, this week outlines how to choose the right school for you. Each week will feature a new resource so be sure to check back each week to pick up the new tool. 

Ready, Set, Grow! – Tips to Help You Get to Graduation

It doesn’t matter what degree you are going for, whether it’s your bachelors or your terminal degree – doing well in school can be rough. You have chosen a program that demands excellence and offers a wealth of knowledge and thought leadership; but you only get out of school what you put in. Balancing your job, family, friends, health and classes can be stressful, and no one knows that better than those who have been exactly where you are now.

Here are six tips from American Sentinel University graduates and current students to help you get to graduation and that cap and gown:

  1. Set reasonable deadlines – Amber Martin, DNP, Educational Leadership
  2. Be passionate about your topic – Jeffrey Woods, DNP, Executive Leadership
  3. Use your student advisor – Roisin Dooley, MSN, Nursing Management and Organizational Leadership
  4. Remember to breathe – Kelly Dawson, MSN, Nursing Education
  5. Stay organized – Lane Meltzer, MSN, Case Management
  6. Find a balance – Ida Benemerito, MSN, Infection Prevention and Control

Get more advice from these top performing students and healthcare professionals in this helpful infographic. Print it out and hang it in your workspace for some inspiration and handy reminders. 

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