Education Benefits for Vets Become More Virtual

Education Benefits for Vets Become More Virtual

Education benefits are one of the great rewards for people currently on duty or who provided military service and now seek to move on with the next phase of their lives. The entire area is one that has benefited greatly from digital technologies. And digital continues to change how soldiers and veterans will gain from education.

For example, the Navy has closed 16 out of 20 of its Voluntary Education (VOLED) offices in the continental U.S. (CONUS), according to Services that are on ships or in non-CONUS locations weren’t affected.

Military personnel had relied on the offices for information and counseling services. But now, instead of having to look for geographic convenience, help is as close as an Internet connection to a smartphone, tablet, or computer. As reported:

The Navy says qualified education counselors at the VEC will be able to provide all necessary information and education counseling services. Sailors will have access to VEC counselors via phone, text messaging, and web-chat along with the ability to schedule education counseling appointments online. VEC counselors are available from Monday through Friday, 0600-2100 Eastern Standard Time.

The shift to digital means the Navy can manage information resources more effectively. Updates, additions, and deletions only need to happen in one location. There’s also a more efficient use of time and availability. Human resources can check in from anywhere in the country, or world, to provide help via email, online chat, or phone.

Another example of the strides in digital delivery of educational content is the new educational apps the Army released for non-commissioned officers who want additional the professional military education.

The Digital Job Book app will feature critical individual tasks that all proponents have identified, Davenport said.

“What is really important about it is [it] allows organizations — commanders and sergeants major — to add up to 10 tasks that are specific to your organization so that you can battle track it,” he said. “We have run a couple of pilots for it, and we really think it is going to improve battle tracking what our soldiers need to be trained on.”

Scan a QR code — a 2D bar code — and the relevant information is available to the soldier. Need to clear the manual off a tablet or smartphone to gain room for a while? That happens by unchecking a box. The material is now stored in the cloud for next use.

Digital education is powerful and lets current officers and veterans to gain access to educational resources when and where they need them.

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