Top Jobs for Healthcare Management Professionals

Top Jobs for Healthcare Management Professionals

Trying to stay ahead of the practice of healthcare is a challenging task. For professionals in the field of healthcare management or entering it after a course of study there’s an additional challenge: staying ahead of your career opportunities.

When an industry is in flux, as healthcare is, personal career concerns are easy to understand. Although the industry is growing, you still want a position that offers advancement, security, and good financial opportunities.

Health System Management has examined its own job board to compile a list of the best management jobs in healthcare. Here is a sampling of those that don’t require a medical background, such as would be needed by a chief medical or nursing officer.

Vice president

This specific title is a difficult one because it can be applied to so many divisions of a healthcare organization, whether marketing, sales, operations, finance, clinical informatics, or other specialized area. Although it doesn’t necessarily speak to specialization, it does indicate that many care providers need senior people with advanced experience and skills. It’s shows that there are many upward career paths available.

IT/IS director

Technology only becomes more important in healthcare, especially in the integration of systems and automated management of billing and payment. A technical background makes sense at first glance, but in the business world, organizations are increasingly moving to employ people with more general management experience, not former technology experts, as heads of information technology or services. The hope is that greater business experience can help bring technology into greater harmony with strategic business goals and needs.

Technical analyst

Also in the technical realm, these positions are closer to technical support of the equipment, but with a greater understand of the needs of business users. Technical analysts become bridges between the two worlds at the most employees work.

Financial analyst

Similar to the analyst variety described above, the financial analyst helps bridge the gap between finance, numbers, and hospital activities. The role helps others understand the financial impact on the organization of activities.

Director of operations

Somewhat similar to the vice presidential role, a director of operations might be associated with one specific aspect of a care provider, whether physical therapy, telemedicine, clinical activities, or the general operations of the organization. The role demands expertise in how to make processes and activities happen more efficiently.

Healthcare administrator

Administrators run the business aspects of any part of a care provider, whether physician or special practice or a large department in a hospital. They manage staffing, hours, budgets, supply ordering, coordination with other departments or groups, and much more. So long as there is work to be done in healthcare, someone will need to take care of business.

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