The Year in Review: Best Posts of 2016

The Year in Review: Best Posts of 2016

It was an incredibly busy year for us at The Sentinel Watch, American Sentinel University’s blog, as we set a personal record of over 275 blog posts during 2016! We reported and commented on the trends that define healthcare today, and, as always, we pointed out how these industry-wide trends affect nursing practice. We also provided plenty of career strategies and tips and tricks for nurses who are juggling work with further education.

In 2016, we ran four special series, which allowed us to look at an issue or topic in more depth than a single post would allow. If you missed any of these, we invite you to look back at them now.

Patient Advocacy—The ANA stresses the importance of advocacy in its code of ethics and lists three core values that form its basis. We took a detailed look at each one in these posts:

Technologies to Watch—As healthcare becomes more complex, nurses must maintain the competencies necessary to respond to new technologies, while ensuring that technology does not undermine the human element in healthcare. We took a closer look at how nursing practice may be affected by these technologies: 

The Nursing Shortage—In this four-part series, we examine various aspects of the nursing shortage. Since industry forecasts often influence health policy decisions, we feel it’s important for nurses to understand the forces at play in today’s labor market. Take a look at these topics and analyses of the nursing shortage: 

Nursing Through the Years—In this four-part series, we travel back in time to take a look at some of nursing’s most influential, barrier-breaking, and unsung heroes, and learn more about the history of nursing education. Step back in time with each post:

This year, we introduced a series of posts from Nurse Keith, a well known nursing career coach, blogger, podcaster, and speaker. His message of savvy career strategies and personal satisfaction reaches tens of thousands of nurses around the world, and we were happy to have him contribute to our blog. Our favorite topics from Nurse Keith include the following, but we invite you to browse our blog to read the others as well: 

We also continued our partnership with Dr. Renee Thompson, one of nursing’s top thought leaders in professional development and anti-bullying strategies. These blog posts examine the roots of nurse bullying and conflict resolution as Dr. Thompson shares her professional insight on how to best address and eliminate workplace bullying. If you’ve ever been bullied or witnessed bullying on the job, you’ll want to look at these posts: 

As always, we ran many “Success Stories,” in which we profile noteworthy students who used a degree from American Sentinel to change their own lives, follow a dream, and enhance their careers. If you’re considering an online BSN, MSN, or DNP degree, please scroll through our blog posts from 2016 to find your inspiration.

Happy New Year from American Sentinel University! Be sure to visit our blog again in 2017!

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